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Legal & Financial Consultancy 


Legal Services: 

  • Litigation Support
  • Drafting of Financial Agreements


Litigation Support

Fraud, negligence and misstatement impact financial statements to mislead the reader and create a false impression on an organization’s financial strength.  ARCA’s consultants present well-supported reports that convince legal officials and speak  their language.

Registered in the Abu Dhabi & Dubai arbitration Centers, and Gulf arbitration center in Bahrain as Experts, Arbitrators and Reconciliators. 

ARCA has long partaken in expertise & arbitration committees of huge cases both as experts & consulting experts all over UAE.


Drafting Financial Agreements 

Proper Financial agreements reflecting all arrangements between clients, their partners, customers, or suppliers. Contractual obligations of parties must be thoroughly protected from the outset.

ARCA’s financial & legal consultants draft your agreements taking in consideration future possible business circumstances gathered from over 35 years’ experience in the local and international market and ensures your rights are well protected.

Other Legal Services: 


   Advice on Business Legislations and regulations currently in effect

   Contractors classification

   Maintenance of statutory records

   Amendments to memorandum and articles of association

   Alteration of share capital, and allotment of shares

   Redemption of Preference Share Capital

   Reduction of Share Capital

   Transfer of shareholding

   Conversion of companies and Corporations closures

   Business Name Changes

   Change of Financial Year Ends

   Change of Public Officer, and Registered Address

   Voluntary Liquidations


Financial Consultancy


  Financial Business Planning

   Profit Enhancement


Financial Business Planning 

Your ARCA’s Business planning expert is available to guide and implement a plan and draft your proposal in all types of projects including industrial, commercial, contracting and investment projects.

5 Year Forecast 02

   A preliminary report for management's consideration and review.

   The final business plan report.

   Company secretarial work.


Profit Enhancement

Profit Enhancement 01

In today’s highly competitive & rapidly changing business environment, it’s hard enough to find time to complete all of the essential tasks, let alone the additional study to stay at the top of your game, as in applying innovative, yet practical, strategies that take you to the next level.


The Profit Enhancement Process offers you a systematic approach to improving profitability at all levels, i.e. planning, analysis, discovery and implementation, combined with periodic evaluations that assure sustainable results.




   A preliminary report for management's consideration and review.

   The final business plan report.

   Company secretarial work.