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We work together by pursuing the same aim, and by having an identical set of values which govern us and our services.

Our vision is to be the most well known auditing firm in the UAE for its ethical standards, timeliness, and efficiency, and for us to participate in the advancement of our communities particularly those of international presence in the fields of accounting, auditing, and financial consultancy.

We envision working together with others in advancing the means available to our clients in setting up and running successful businesses for themselves and the communities they work for and belong to. We also aim to present their required audited financial statements to satisfy all their requirements both in-house and for legal use by all interested outsiders.

Our mission is to address clients' needs first and foremost, to pay attention to evaluate such needs on a personal basis in a professional and friendly manner and offer our best to satisfy such needs in accordance with international standards of the profession at the most competitive level of remuneration.

Our goals are to maintain a commitment to excellence in delivering professional services to our esteemed clients while providing outstanding value. We are dedicated to serving several industries and service areas and are careful to concentrate and train our people in areas that they are especially interested. We continue to provide relevant solutions for our clients by maintaining high levels of industry expertise and an in-depth understanding of their needs.

We are an innovative organization that stems from the concept of providing the opportunity within the firm for our people to individually achieve their goals. We are a locally owned firm, owned exclusively by individuals who have committed all of their work efforts to the firm's success. We are entrepreneurial driven to make a fair profit, while caring for our personnel and contributing to the communities in which we live and work.

Our objectives are to impart the knowledge we learned and taught at from experience and at various institutes, universities, and colleges all over the Middle East to as many people as possible at the companies we serve. This is in order to make the best use of the best systems, and to apply the most practical controls in the applications of the most modern systems available in the world, making use of the advent of computerisation and latest know-how.

We also aim to satisfy the needs of clients in presenting auditing of accounts according to the latest international standards and to give our clients the reputation they deserve from an international firm acknowledged all over the world of a reputable respectable standing.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Establish a full coverage of all local laws and regulations, and to be fully conversant of them through awareness and contacts.
  • Be a part of an international network of firms providing a professional service in accounting, auditing and financial consultancy hence assisting our clients anywhere they need the service.
  • Exchange knowledge with all members worldwide to gain the most up to date information in our fields.
  • Provide our esteemed clients the best possible service in our fields together with other members in the international network.
  • To make use of training opportunities, establish privileged links through staff exchanges and secondments.

Our values are efficiency, timeliness, ethics, customer-service, user-friendliness, availability, international-standardization with local-knowledge, and tech-savviness.

Our core values are efficiency, timeliness, and ethics.

We are efficient. We devise and utilize procedures as well as implement technologies that enable us to use minimal resources. Despite of standardization, we are genuinely interested in solving your specific problems, so we tailor our advice to you.

We are timely. We take deadlines very seriously, and we do not finish too soon or at all late.

We are ethical. We are governed by our own strong ethics proven by our many years of existence, and international standards used over many years. We never veer off our moral obligations to obtain profits in expense of your benefit and our long-term reputation. We are heavily watched and regulated.